Don't scrimp on the sugar. Less isn't always more...
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Sweeten up your social media and email marketing to make more sales!
See your customers devour every single product line you launch with an extra layer of FROSTIN'
Frostin' is now beloved by five and six figure success you want in?
Each monthly Batch of Frostin' contains teachings that are tailored to marketing and selling your products during that particular month, with methodologies that increase all the business conversions you need to succeed!
What if you could increase your social media following, your email list and yes...your sales...every single month?

Frostin' was created to help you do just that...and each course comes with its own Facebook Group, too!
You've tried it on your learn how to drive traffic to your shop by marketing and selling in a way that's anything but stale and is fresh for each month.
Grow not just a social media following...but a happy and thriving digital community.
People buy from those they know, like and trust.
So build that trust in a way that's super sweet!
Customers will flock to your product lines -- Every. Single. Month.
All you need is a little bit more 
FROSTIN' on that cupcake!
What is Frostin'?

Frostin' is your monthly dose of marketing methodologies that teaches you to drive traffic to your biz; you'll increase brand awareness and trust, which can increase conversions.

Frostin' is the brainchild of Renae Christine and Bestie Hero Stacey Storino, designed to provide specially formulated month-specific strategies that are proven to work.

***No stale and outdated strategies here, Bestie/Brostie***
For you, that means:
  • No experimental strategies;  sell your product lines with confidence
  • ​Knowing your product lines will be found by your ideal customers in a way where their interest transforms into them taking action
  • ​Understanding how to market in a way that speaks to your niche's needs and desires
  • ​New and exciting marketing strategies provided via Live Stream trainings (with Replays!) every month during which a particular Batch of Frostin's teachings would be applicable
  • ​Less leftover inventory and more sales
Frostin' is your month-specific marketing 
strategy handed to you on a silver platter!
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Who's giving it to you?
Bestie Hero Stacey Storino and Renae Christine, at your service!
Wow, Stacey, how'd Frostin' come about?

Renae visited me in person in July 2019 at Joe's Dairy Bar and Grill, my family's business.  You see, I had used Renae's teachings to transform a near-failing business to a seven figure success in approximately 24 months' time.  

Renae and I discussed a partnership and what sort of products we wanted to provide to serve up to our beloved Besties and Brosties.  Little did we know that we had the same idea brewing in our creative minds. We put it all together and Frostin' was born!

It's one thing to set up a business and work it; it's another to drive the right kind of traffic to it, spark sufficient interest in your offerings and gain the trust of your niche to the point where they're happy to buy from you.  Each Batch of Frostin' is crafted in such a way that each Batch/course relates to a particular month and provides marketing and sales strategies and techniques that are most successful during the weeks in question.  

- Stacey Storino
Hold up, Renae. A restaurant business, really?
I know, a restaurant isn't the typical handmade business. Here's the big BUT...

The strategies that you will learn are very fluid; you can EFFORTLESSLY plug them in any kind of business across all industries and start seeing success!

Plus, Stacey is a marketing hero who turned a restaurant that was almost going under into a business with over a million dollars in revenue and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo! News and more.

She has super secret strategies of her own and is pumped to spill the beans, in a way that's never stale, because every Batch of Frostin' relates to its own month and its own unique opportunities to grow your business in multiple ways

- Renae Christine

Still quite not convinced here, Renae...
Stacey does food. How does that relate to my handmade business?
I absolutely understand. But...
What's more handmade than food? 
A few things you should know more about Stacey, too:
  • ​She followed the same marketing and product line trainings I taught to get to where she is now
Sure, she was a student of mine way back 2016. But she went far and beyond what I taught... 
Stacey will teach what she implements in her business that succeeds TODAY in terms of email and social media marketing so it will work for you as a handmade business owner, too!

How does this exactly work?
Here's how we'll bake, cool, and get frostin'!

Every month, we release a freshly baked Batch of Frostin' that provides specific techniques that work best during that particular month

There's one Batch of Frostin' to correspond with each month of the year.  You'll learn how to gain more followers, grow your email list and increase the likelihood of sales each month.
Yep! You read it right.  One more chance at:
$97 for an instant marketing strategy of 
the month that will keep your customers craving for more of your product lines!
You've got nothing to lose.
Ready to Scoop Up Your Back Issues of Any Batch of Frostin' you've missed?
Because This Sale Is One-Time Only!
What's in Each Batch of Frostin'?
  • Each Batch of Frostin' is a course containing month-specific marketing
  • Battle-tested tips, tricks and techniques that work, on the daily/weekly
  • ​The knowledge as to why month-specific marketing works with your niche
  • ​The understanding as to how social media platforms' algorithms work
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group that corresponds with each particular Batch of Frostin' where Stacey provides one-on-group coaching during the weeks that the Batch of Frostin' is "active" or "live"...and there's already hours of replays for you to feast on in connection with the Back Issues of Frostin...and once that Batch's month rolls back around guess what?  You get additional live stream one-on-group trainings during those weeks, too!  (Nice, right?)
and much much much more!
Imagine, the next time you launch you no longer need to...
worry about NOT selling anything and wasting time, energy and money
guess whether or not your marketing strategy will work or otherwise be lost
wonder whether a handmade business is right for you
What if I don't like it?
We are sure you'll love it!
In the slightest chance that you won't, we have a ZERO RISK 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

We just know that you will have no regrets digging into any of the monthly Batches of Frostin'. We always set out to deliver more than what we promise. 

But hey, go ahead and test drive it for 30 days and if you aren’t happy, or you feel that it’s not for you, a 100% refund is heading your way no questions asked. Simply send us an email for your refund.

Better to make a decision based upon the information that you have, instead of on the information that you don't, right?
Just a sec ... I've got a few questions, Renae.
So is this a monthly charge?
No siree! You can pick and choose which Batches of Frostin' you buy -- The price is $97 per Batch of Frostin'.

What if I don't care for a Batch of Frostin' after I buy it...then what?
Well, you've got 30 days to return it -- no hard feelings. It's all good. I still love you.  Stacey still loves you.  It's fine!
And See All The Back Issues of Each Batch of Frostin'
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It's ONLY $97 Per Individual Batch Of Frostin'!
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